An annual fashion show (ELLENITE SHOWCASE) is a dynamic and glamorous event that takes place once a year, where our students showcase their designs and collections prepared for them. The venue is transformed into a glamorous setting with stage lighting, music, and seating arrangements for attendees. Models walk down a long runway, showcasing the designer’s creations. The runway is the central focus of the event, and it’s designed to allow the audience to see the outfits from various angles as the models walk past. The show is set up around a specific theme or concept that ties the collection together. It could be inspired by a particular era, culture, or artistic movement, adding a unique element to the show. The show is accompanied by carefully selected music that complements the theme and enhances the overall experience. Choreography is also an important aspect, as models showcase the outfits through carefully planned movements and poses. A team of hairstylists and makeup artists work backstage to create the desired looks for the models. The front row of the show is reserved for VIPs, including celebrities, industry insiders, fashion editors, etc. The show receives extensive media coverage, including photography, video recordings, and live streaming. Journalists, photographers, and bloggers attend the event to capture the latest trends and report on the collections, which helps promote the designers and their creations. The Ellenite Showcase is a highly anticipated event for our students and budding designers. We provide a platform for students to showcase their designs, influence fashion trends, and generate excitement around their creativity. Additionally, We offer a unique opportunity for attendees and the general public to witness the convergence of fashion, art, and entertainment in a glamorous setting.
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