An annual sports day in college is a common event that is organized each year to promote physical fitness, teamwork, and healthy competition among students. It is a day when students from different courses and departments come together to participate in sports. Here’s some information about how an annual sports day in college is typically organized:

Planning: The planning for the sports day usually starts several weeks or months in advance. A dedicated Student committee, consisting of faculty members and student representatives, is formed to oversee the event.

Awards and Prizes: An award ceremony is held to recognize the achievements of the participants. Trophies, medals, and certificates are awarded to winners and runners-up in different categories and events. There may also be special awards for outstanding sportsmanship, team spirit, and overall performance.

Refreshments and Facilities: Adequate arrangements for refreshments are made to ensure participants and spectators have access to meals or snacks throughout the day. Medical facilities and first aid stations are also set up to attend to any injuries or health issues that may arise during the sports activities.

The annual sports day in college serves as a platform for students to showcase their athletic abilities. It promotes a healthy and active lifestyle while providing a break from academic.

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