” DESIGN is not just what it looks like
DESIGN is how it WORKS.”


Fashion design is a creative field that involves the art of designing and creating clothing and accessories. Fashion designers use their artistic and technical skills to develop unique and innovative designs that reflect current trends or create new fashion trends altogether.

Here are some key aspects of fashion design:

  1. Concept development: Fashion designers start by developing a concept or inspiration for their designs. This can be influenced by various factors such as cultural influences, nature, historical periods, or personal experiences.
  2. Sketching and illustration: Designers use sketching and illustration techniques to visualize their ideas on paper or digitally. This helps them refine their designs, experiment with different silhouettes, and communicate their
    vision to others.
  3. Fabric selection: Fashion designers choose fabrics based on their texture, weight, drape, and other qualities that will complement their designs. They consider factors such as comfort, durability, and aesthetic appeal
  4. Pattern making: Once the designs are finalized, fashion designers create patterns, which are templates for cutting the fabric pieces that will be used to construct the garment. Pattern making requires precise measurements and
    technical skills.

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