” Design is the intermediary between information and understanding”

Ellen provide physical facilities and resources that are essential for conducting educational programs and practical activities in the fields of fashion design and interior design. These spaces are equipped with tools and machinery for students to engage in hands-on activities. In fashion design, you find sewing machines, mannequins for draping and pattern making, and equipment for garment construction. Whereas in interior design, you find woodworking tools, model-making equipment, and other resources needed for creating physical prototypes and scale models.
Traditional lecture halls and classrooms are still important for theory-based classes, where students learn about design principles, history, theory, and business aspects of the fashion and interior design industries.Ellen also provide shelf of Books, Magazines, and online resources related to fashion and interior design. They serve as valuable references for research, inspiration, and staying updated on industry trends.

Classrooms are settled with display boards or walls where students can showcase their design concepts, sketches, and mood boards. Ellen facilitate Install audio-visual equipment, including projectors or large screens, to facilitate presentations, lectures, and visual demonstrations.
Inspiring and functional elements on walls will help create an environment that nurtures creativity and fosters learning in the field of fashion and interior design.

Canteen : Facility of Cafeteria cum library which provide comfortable seating arrangements or breakout spaces where students can collaborate, discuss ideas, and work on group projects.

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