27 May

How to Become an Interior Designer

10 things you should know about becoming an interior designer

Being creative and implementing that creativity is not easy. It takes a great deal of perseverance and hard work to actually taste the fruit of your efforts. Be it architecture or the field of design, creativity plays a significant role in shaping up that career in design. Given that choosing interior designing is a life altering decision, you should be aware of the process and the steps of how to become a successful interior designer.

Not only will you face multiple challenges, but also face a lot of flak if anything goes haywire. People trust you with a budget and plan and expect you to follow it to the T giving them the best possible results. Few might like your ideas, but most of the times clients believe that their recommendations are the best and that you should stick to their instructions which can be frustrating. But is interior design a good career? Let’s find out.

  • Understand that decorator and designer are two different people: Aesthetics is what makes designers stand apart. Education sets you apart, that thought process sets you apart. You play with colours, texture, fabrics and you are a decorator any day. But is that what you want to bring to space? Interior design demands rigoroustraining and studies be completed.
  • That knack for design needs to be channelized well: See quirky designs and that makes your heart flutter? Do spatial arrangements and textiles, colour and patterns make you excited? Have you customized your own space and have got interesting and rave reviews? Then probably you have that flair and knack for design and should go for it anyway.Becoming an interior designer is tough and you should know your strengths.
  • It is not only about fabric and fun:even if a lot of fabric and texture is a part of interior design, it is not everything. The inspiration needs to be drawn from the history of design and the understanding the structural integrity of buildings and others, understanding the psychology of their clients andsubjects required for interior designinghave to be understood, so on and so forth.
  • Underpaid designers: It is not all roses and gold. You spend a lot on education, but it does not pay that well. Often underpaid designers tend to quit their jobs out of frustration. Interior design career salary is less and one should be aware of it.
  • People person are you: All interior designers tend to be people persons and it is important that they be. They tend to be calm and mind readers which are attributes of a great designer.
  • No Portfolio no Job: you need that huge project knocking on your door? You need to develop that portfolio and do a great job. That is your visiting card for your clients.
  • You are not the only one who is good: you have a huge crowd to compete with. You might be the best in business, but you are always replaceable. So, you need to bring your A game on if you want to stay ahead of the race.
  • Virtual and remote designers: there are designers who are willing to work from remote locations and offer their services through virtual mediums.
  • Know the local laws: learn all the basic laws and codes which might come handy when you are dealing with the local folks.
  • Understand the requirement of the client well:you have a portfolio to offer, but it is the client that needs to choose what they want. So keep an open mind when you offer them their services.

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