27 January

lighting interior design

Lighting Interior Design Ideas

Modern and Lighting interior design

Light fixtures not only help to see but also help to beautify any space . The first thing that change your mood whenever you enter any area is lighting of that place . it makes you feel happy or sad . It may increase our energy or can also make us lathergic . Light can also focus an object placed in corners . It contributes to the character and effective functioning of the space by creating the desired attitude in the mind of occupant . We get light from nature and it can be artificial also . Natural lighting from sun can brighten our day and mood . But the idea of any designer to create wonderful long lasting visual experience which can leave footprints in the minds of viewer . Lighting can be done in interiors as well as in exteriors . There are many types of light fixtures available in market nowadays .

The ambient light is the general lighting which can give a sufficient light in a room . Then there is a task lighting which is recessed in the ceiling or it can direct the light wherever the task is getting performed . It throws light on a particular area . The accent light which is also called decorative lighting highlights only the focal points . It aesthetically changes the ambience of any area . These types of lights can be used to highlight painting , sculptures , plants . Moreover it creates drama like pendant light , chandeliers .

Lighting changes our mood in residence as well as at work places also . It can be done by placing light fixtures at various areas .

Downlighters are the fixtures that can be used to direct light downwards by placing it on ceiling or at walls . Uplighters are the fixtures that can be used to direct light upwards by placing it on floor or on ceiling . It is used to highlight plants . But there must be proper care taken so that these lights do not strike our eyes directly .

Earlier track lighting were only restricted to showrooms and malls but now they are coming to cafes also . Track consists of number of light fixtures that direct the light on a particular spot . They are very much effective . The most suitable use of this light can be any art gallery .

In exterior also lighting plays a vital role . But they should be specific enough to fight against the natural calamities like rain , storm , extreme sunlight . They should be shock proof when they are used in water bodies . They create beautiful ambience of any place in nights . In garden areas the lights are placed according to the landscape design . Lighting and landscape goes simultaneously .

It must be kept in mind that whatever fixtures are being provided they should be able to oppose any bad condition like corrosion and rust .

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