25 November

Sharara and Garara

Sharara vs Garara : Difference between “Sharara” and “Garara”


Sharara v/s garara

Until last year Sharara was in trending but since now, Garara is banging on. Most people do not know the difference between Sharara and Garara but understanding the difference between both of them is essential.

Though both are bifurcated garments but have their own different identities.

Garara is a traditional Luknowi outfit which is traditionally worn by Muslim women with short or mid thigh kurtis usually accompanied with a dupatta. It is fitted till thigh and thereafter ruche are made to flare it out. This is in circular cut from which its flare seem perfect and it does        not touch with your legs. Traditional garara requires around 12 meters of fabric. The garara are quite fitting on thighs and an embroidered belt or patti is often stitched on the knee area used to hide the joint. It embellished with gota patti work, zari, sequiens, stone and bead work. This is also worn by Muslims in weddings and nawabi ladies.

Earlier called the Awadh region is said to be place where these styles were first introduced.

Sharara are fully flared from waist to bottom, it can be circular, A-line, paneled and so on. They are generally worn with long kurtis. It is also called Palazo in common language. It is also called lehenga skirt because it is look liked a skirt. Though these days it`s even worn with designer anarkali kurta and dupatta. Shrug is also team up with sharara in these days. Zari, sequiens, stone and bead work are also give a different n heavy look to a sharara in border style.

Indian cinema played a big role to make popular it in common people. In 1970s and 80s cinema gharara was very popular. Early 2000s it come back again in cinema halls and make a place in common people`s heart and their wardrobes. People like make experiments with garara and sharara with their looks. Some time it come with long plain kurti, some time short kurti, some times flared kurti, some times with shrug.

Very few people know about farshi pyajama. Farshi pyajama is a elaborate version of garara. It is fitted till thigh and straight below 5” from knee thereafter ruches are made to flare out. It tied with the help of drawstring. It is a floor touch garment. It also wore by muslim community in their wedding or special occasions. Farshi pyajama or farshi garara is wore with short kurti n dupatta. But it comes back with long kurti and designer anarkali n dupatta.

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