5 October

Fashion Designer Salaries in India

What is the monthly income of a fashion designer?

Fashion Designer Salary Per Month In India

Fashion designing is a great career option if you do not want to be stuck in the rat race of engineering, medicine or even humanities. Off beat and creative career options are still deemed as taboo by most of us which is not right. However, with more acceptance seeping into the society, you would be surprised to know that it is not as bad as it looks like.

Creativity is under-appreciated in our country because we, as a society, feel it can be done by anyone. Are you a fashion designing student who gets approached for free designs by your friends? With words like,” please do it for me”, or “why are being such a snob about it” being the generic comments, it only reinforces the belief that creativity can be availed at no charge at all.

But that doesn’t have to be the case at all.

Fashion designing is a serious occupation and the world would probably fall into an apocalypse without the supply and design of better clothes. It might sound absurd, but it is true. Fashion designing deserves to be paid respectably and given the times with waves of change being initiated, we are not too far away from it.

So, are we wondering, “how much does a fashion designer get paid in a month? What is the cost of being of a fashion designer?”

With formal education and a good work experience, a regular fashion designer can earn an average of $65,000 annually. If you are a fresher, who is looking for work experience, it could be slightly difficult as far as compensation is concerned. Your roles and responsibilities take care of your cost to company. Even if it might sound really meagre in the beginning, it is the learning that you earn from being in smaller companies which are just starting off in the fashion industry. 

Additionally, it completely depends on the type of institute you have graduated from. If you are an alumnus of one of the best fashion design colleges in Jaipur, there is a higher chance that you would be recruited by one of the fashion houses who are looking for people who can do a good job for them. Be it design, sourcing, organisation, etc, it is always dependent on the role. 

Once you have sufficient work experience, you can look forward to joining better organisation where you can negotiate your hikes and procedures. The majority of fashion houses do tend to work with only reputed designers. However, you always have the opportunity to make use of the options and strike for gold. It is all about negotiations at one point of time.

As a fashion designing individual, you always have the luxury of travelling to far away places which are determined as the fashion capitals. You get paid travels and visits to the places you have always wanted to which comprise the perks and incentives of being employed in a fashion house. With multiple tattoos on your passport, you can grab any opportunity at a high end fashion house which you have always dreamt of as a design student.

Fashion designing is not just putting together bit and pieces of clothes together. It is an art which is underrated by most inn the country who do not understand, how important it is to have something which so aesthetically drapes your physique and give you the confidence to own the world. Every piece that you wear is directly indicative of the fact that it is a symbol of individualism. Great clothes, great shoes are meant to take you to great places. Wouldn’t you want to be a part of that journey? 


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