21 June

How to hire the right interior designer

How to hire the right interior designer

While buying a home, most significant challenges that come with it is the interior designing of your home, and for that how you are going to look for an interior designer. You need to keep few things in mind while hiring an interior designer for your home.

Be specific

Before you start the process, write down the budget; decide the look, the timeline as well as the location. You wouldn’t want to find your schedules too long at a specific point of work and want to get into discussions. Better prepare the lists before beginning the process.

Where to find the interior designer

Looking for the right interior designer would need the points based on your requirements. Look for them online; website, social media; ask your friends, family or colleagues who recently hired an interior designer or visit any design schools.

Background check

Once you have made a list of the designers that fit your budget, try to do a background check on them. Look for their education, projects they have worked on, people they have worked under, etc.

Portfolio check

This is equivalent to doing a background check, check their work as well. Find out how good they are at what they do, how innovative they are and how they could overcome challenges. You can ask them to take you to their site to see some of their work; during the visit ask the clients about their working method, how good they are in working with a budget and timeline, as well.

Discussing the budget

Once you’re satisfied with their working style & portfolio, finalise the price. Discuss your budget that you have set and if the designer is ready to work on it, come to terms about the service they can or cannot offer. If all is good to go, ensure they tell you the payment process and timeline sooner. Make sure you store 20 per cent of your budget for the miscellaneous purchase.

Share your design taste

Ensure that you and your designer could work together in sync when it comes to decorating your home. Share what is in your mind and let them share what would go well in your home and the difficulties that could come along. You would know that the designer is a professional if they can fit your concepts with their designs, making the home your image eventually.

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