12 January

History of Jewelry | Jewellery Design Guide

Jewelry Design: Detailed guide

Jewelry is like the perfect spice which compliments what is already there and hence people, especially women like to wear to enhance their beauty. Therefore, it enables them to express their style and charm making them unique and special.

The History of Jewelry Design

The early jewelry designing can be roughly divided among three ancient civilizations of Egypt, India and China. While theearliest known record of the making of jewelry is found in Egypt and ancient Egyptians were skilled in making jewelry from gold, silver, etc., along with solid semiprecious stones and the art of designing jewelry flourished during the Middle Kingdom, when Egyptians mastered the technical methods.For India jewelry became an integral part of their daily life and religion which enabled them to be the masters of the art of gold gathering and processing.

Career opportunities in Jewelry designing

There are many career opportunities in jewelry design and it is exploding right now, thanks to advances in technology and lucrative salaries. A person no longer needs to be an artist or a bench jeweler to be able to design jewelry these days. Unique and Innovative designs which are customized according to consumers are the rage at this current time.

Choosing the Best Institute for the Course

Many institutions have come up for jewelry designing to supply high-quality professionals and to fulfill the unending demand for expert jewelry designers. A good course must offer the following to its students

  • Knowledge about different types of stones
  • Various design themes and presentation
  • Jewelry making
  • Computer aided program for designing jewelry and accessories

A person with a fair sense of design and creative imagination and have the skills to understand latest trends with sound technical knowledge can become a jewelry designer

Jewelry Design Institute in Jaipur

There are several jewelry designing institute in jaipur which offers its students a wide range of courses which can suit them. They impart all the necessary knowledge from the grassroots level during the course that helps students in their future ventures as a jewelry designer. They work with world class inputs in the design and crafting while identifying the latest trends and the development of forecasts. Subsequently, they offer quality training and professional support even after the course completion.



In India, people have become more conscious about the jewelry they wear, it’s no more a mere investment, but a style statement Jewelry designing is a growing sector of the Indian economy and it earns a lot of foreign exchange for our country.It is the development of over thousands of years, which has enabled jewelry to spread from the exclusive art form of the rich to the common personal items of beautification.


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