16 February

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10 Best Blogs Every fashion Designer Should Follow

The fashion is the powerful armor that helps people express themselves without becoming vocal. A good fashion sense will help make an impact worth remembering. It gives self-confidence to people to overcome the challenges in the life. The fashion designing course in Jaipur knows the rising trend of fashion, so it imparts knowledge to students. It will help them become a fashion designer who can make people wear clothes that will make them feel good. The budding fashion designers must follow the current fashion trends by following fashion blogs that will help them know intricate details.

  1. Beauty and Fashion Freaks

Along with taking the courses in the fashion design institute in Jaipur, it is important to follow the fashion blog to expand the knowledge base. So, check out the blog of duo fashionistas (Rashmi and Jyothi).

  1. Stylish by Nature

It is an Indian fashion blog by Shalini Chopra that talks about fashion, lifestyle, travel, and lot more. It gives the latest trends in Indian fashion along with the fashion glimpses around the world that makes it an excellent source of information for fashion designers.

  1. Fashion Bombay

The fashion blog started by Jasleen and Sonu, it focuses on expressing the personality of the person using the unique fashion. It gives importance to the recyclable fashion that is cost-effective. It has the perfect mix of desi styles and urban wears that is right for the Indian audience.

  1. Style Cocktails

It is a treasure trove people looking for affordable fashion style that has the potential to inspire the budding fashion designers along with the classes in fashion design institute in Jaipur.

  1. Style Inked

The write of the blog, Manvi is a fashion writer who has years of experience working with the top names of Indian fashion. Her family runs a boutique that has inspired her quest for fashion designing. It has useful information for women about the fashion trends in India.

  1. Peaches and Blush

It is the perfect blog by Mehak for Indian fashion trends as it strives to make fashion accessible to more women in India. It has information on the beautiful designs that is available across different parts of India.

  1. Confessionz of a Closet

The blog by ShaileyKhera focuses on the Indian vintage style and street wear that will make women look elegant without spending much on their clothes. Combining the knowledge from the fashion design institute in Jaipur and the blogs, fashion designers can develop a style that will make them popular in the industry.

  1. PurushuArie

The blog has the secrets and tips that will make people look stunning without worrying about the cost.

  1. Women’s Wear Daily

Along with checking the Indian fashion blogs, it is important to follow the international fashion to know the trend. The blog has latest fashion news of the world, celebrity fashion, tips, and much more. It gives the glimpses about the fashion runways, party events, etc.

  1. Independent Fashion Bloggers

It is community of fashion designers to share their ideas and get inspiration.

The aspiring fashion designers need to enroll in the fashion designing course in Jaipur to get the exposure they need to make it big in the industry. Apart from the classes, they have the mind of a sponge that can absorb valuable information from the different fashion blogs to get inspiration. It gives them the latest fashion trends, news, and everything that will enhance their understanding about fashion.


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