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History of fashion design

The History of Fashion Design

Fashion Design: A detailed guide

Fashion designing is the art of creating a new apparel using the application of design and now extends to creating new accessories and footwear.

History of Fashion Design

The history of fashion designing can be traced back to the starting of the nineteenth century, when the dresses worn in theroyal courts inspired many to create new dresses.  Charles Frederick Worth is believed to be the first fashion designer of the world, set up a fashion house in Paris. He started the tradition of fashion houses and telling the customers what kind of clothing would suit them.

Career opportunities

Today fashion designing is well accepted as a career option with a very good salary. Fashion designing is really hard work, and takes an extremely creative, detail-oriented mindset and a strong work ethics to make it big. So, fashion designers have great opportunities to work in manufacturing establishments which can be wholesale or retail, clothing companies, theater companies, dance companies, and design firms.

Choosing the Best Fashion Designing Institute

A number of institutes have come up the world over, offering courses in various arenas of fashion. There a number of students who consider fashion as a serious career and hence have gone in for courses in the same. Subsequently the number of students choosing fashion designing has gone on rising over the years. The points to keep in mind while selecting the best fashion designing institutes are

  • The courses you sign up must givean educational background of fashion concepts, design techniques, and business management
  • It must give access to the necessary resources and an introduction to the major players in the industry
  • It must give the students access to the best resources available to land a job after school and turn their fashion business dream into a career
  • The courses must be taught with different tools and technology

Learn Fashion Designing

The colleges for fashion designing in Jaipur offer various ranges of courses in different areas of the fashion industry, which comprises fashion design, fashion illustration, drawing, fashion design and portfolio development, computer-aided fashion design (CAD), fashion merchandising and marketing. The faculties provide the students,their valuable experience and connections in the classroom, creating a dynamic, career-focused learning environment.Fashion designing has always attracted the fearless and the fierce and hence the students can meet the challenge are welcome here. They can hone their skills and make their runway dreams a reality by pursuing fashion designing degree.

Every new design starts with an innovative eye for style and masterful ability of recreating is the key to the end goal. It is simply the creative ability and expression that brings crude materials into turning into a delightful completed item.


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