2 February

Fashion Drawing


Fashion designers, based on the design concept conveyed by the merchandiser, think of ideas for a design in accordance with elements which change by season such as textiles or materials, colors, forms and detail. During this process, the design drawing issued as a medium to express and convey their ideas to others. Patterners use such drawing to make patterns and prepare sewing specifications, based on which the garments are sewn and finished as a product. In retail stores, fashion design drawing are sometimes used as a product catalog to show to customers. Thus fashion design drawings play an essential role in indicating the direction of the apparel makers.

Why Choose Ellen School for Fashion Designing Courses?

Ellen School is one of the best fashion designing institute in Jaipur. You can join diploma courses available for fashion design. These programs or diploma courses are designed to train you to become a fashion designer. These courses enable you to acquire the techniques and skills behind design. These diploma courses are recommended to those people who want to sharpen their skills and want to make good career in this trade. You should not leave any stone unturned in order to make most of these diploma courses. Diploma courses offer a great opportunity to understand techniques of fashion design.


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