12 June

How to Prepare a Fashion Design Portfolio

A portfolio is like a resume for all artists and designers. You need it because it showcases all
the work you have done over a period of time. Be it fashion, interiors, jeweller, architecture,
product or any design field, a portfolio is what your clients judge you on and it has to be
nothing but impeccable.
You might have spent hours thinking how to make a fashion design portfolio for college or
for that job interview. However, did you know that it is only an assembly of all the creative
work that you have been doing for such a long time? Showcasing your work and displaying
that talent is what gets you into that industry and you need to bring your best foot forward.
But how do you make a fashion portfolio for university? How do you make a fashion
portfolio for job interview? Should you make it in a pdf format? Should you make it in a word
document? Does it have to A4 or A1? Too many questions are bound to bother you if you are
not aware that a fashion design portfolio website gives you all the information you need. You
could have gone to the best fashion design institute in Jaipur, but if your portfolio isn’t great,
it would tough for you to get that dream job you always wished for. Rea don for we got the
best tips to keep it and bring it together.
1) Admission portfolios or university portfolios are simple. You need to showcase your
design test and sewing test, in a written and well documented format. Show off your
garment knowledge, originality, creativity, sense of style and fashion in a single page
which will give the viewer a clear picture of your thought process.
2) When you are choosing a professional portfolio, things tend to differ a lot. You need to
select a theme and design your folio around it. It could be seasonal, it could be quirky, it
could be anything that personalises it a big deal. It has to scream out loud about you and
you should make it about you and your taste.
3) Make a board, do the research and get started. You could choose a latest fashion trend
and showcase it. You could choose to work backwords, take inspirations and create your
own designs and styles without displaying those professional learning experiences;
however that is not recommended at all.
4) Include samples; include designs, backgrounds, learning experiences, inspirations,
designs and the likes. You could also add a colour chart of how you understand seasons
or collections. You could make a whole new group by portraying your understanding of
fabrics, textile and why it is so important to you. You can organize it in a sequence such
that it tells a story. It could go from spring summer to autumn winter and how the
collections have fascinated you and why you would want to incorporate that into your
designs and how you would do it.
5) Develop a pattern, develop that dress and get a model to pose for you and have a photos
hoot. You would have a depiction and real time display of both your idea and execution
and that is what your portfolio should be like if you want it to get noticed!
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