31 August

how to become a fashion designer

How to Become a Self Made Fashion Designer in India

What is fashion?  Why to choose a profession in fashion designing? Friends are pursuing or this profession is a glamorous one?

So many questions come to our mind while choosing a profession. If we look deep into the matter we can see that fashion designing is having a great scope for earning as well as creativity.

how to become a fashion designer

how to become a fashion designer

Fashion is changing process and a cycle as well, which people follow or becomes a trend. Especially in case of clothing, shoes, bags or any accessory. But people look forward to something new.  Only a fashion designer can fulfill this dream of carrying something new.

To become a successful fashion designer in India aspiring designer needs to go through a proper training. We have many ideas in our mind but to implement those ideas we need training. A fashion designer should know the fabric and its effect on dress. Designer must know which cut will be applicable on which fabric. Even accessorizing the dress needs knowledge.

A fashion designer should have the knowledge of tailoring. When someone is coming to a fashion designer always expect something new. The client always cherishes a dream of looking beautiful. So designer should know which cut will suit whom. Stitching is another important part of tailoring. If the stitching is not properly done, might spoil the beauty of the dress.

A fashion designer’s duty is also to enhance the beauty of the dress with proper accessory. So it is expected from a fashion designer that the advice should go with dress. Then a designer should have knowledge of shoes and bags and its materials. Those accessories can be made out of leather, faux leather, cloth, canvus, etc. Even the bags and shoes might need to be embedded.

We have an idea when people are coming to a fashion designer can spend a lot of money. It is always not true. Everybody has their own limitation of spending. So the designer should be aware of the price of the products. Designer can make the client happy by giving a good price. Customers always up to comparison. They go for market survey and try to get the best price, so the price should be justified. Even in case the price is higher than the market price that should be justified. Designer must make the client understand why he is charging higher. Sometimes they need to explain in front of buyers by showing power point presentation. This presentation also be taught in the class by the expart.

How an aspiring fashion designer will know all these aspects of the industry?

This is why they need to get trained. An experience faculty can explain all these aspects. After learning the basics of designing under the supervision of the expert they can start applying their imagination and make something new.

This is an era of fashion. Everyone wants to look fashionable. So the demand of fashion designers is increasing. Designers can earn handsome salary or have their own business as well. Even they can work as personal designer for celebrities.

We can conclude with the sentence that fashion designers have a bright future in this profession.

You searched for ‘advantages of being a fashion designer, how to become a fashion designer’ and I hope this article has shed some light on this – at least you know you should be asking:

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