14 August

The Future of Fashion

Design? What is design? When someone asks me the questions like what’s the ideal design on your mind? How will you make this thing better and different from that? How to prepare the best design?
The only thing that clicks in my mind is that “Design is Life”. But how?

When you wake up in the morning, what’s the first thing you see that strikes in your eye! A ceiling fan, or a sunshine window, a smartphone, Or if you’re a techie, a laptop, but if we move forward a tad bit.. things like websites, jewelry, your clothes, shoes or even your toothbrush is a creative invention of improving the design.

So, technically one can understand design as a problem-solving procedure. A procedure that first identifies and analyses a difficulty/problem or need and proceeds through an organized sequence in which information is researched, ideas are explored and analyzed, until a proper/suitable solution to the problem or need is arrived at.

It is that powerful thing that can convert your idea into a blueprint of something, a building, a bicycle, a graphic…

With evolving expectations of the customer, their ignited minds, Design, today is at a very high rate of evolving. Visionaries like Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates has totally changed our view on how we look at the technologies. And how can we forget about Walt Disney who has totally reshaped the world of cartoons! These personalities had a great impact on the design that their inventions still exist and evolving at a high pace.

And the only thing that motivates me about Design is Creativity. With digitalization, one can make the whole world view change if he knows the word “Design”.

“DESIGN creates Culture, Culture shapes Values, Values determine the FUTURE” –Robert L. Peters

When someone says “I’m the Designer”, you only hear words, But in that person’s body; there’s something that’s making him feel that he can change the world, a hope. And that’s cannot be felt by any other person on this Planet, period.

Every day is a new day, every second is a new moment and in that 10th part of a second, a New Design is Evolved.

But the most important thing of creating a design is NOT to spoil.
Specializing in the area or be into that thing requires a lot of patience and practice. With only your efforts, the future of design can be much enhanced, making it a different and unique thing for the people that will relax and de-stress their eyes, hence, giving it a whole new feel to see the World.

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